Passions & Purpose

FreeingBodies is a melding of modalities to explore the full capacity of the “human-body” experience. We draw on Embodyoga® – applied to Yin, Restorative, Gentle, Hatha, Vinyasa and just plain intuitive movement.

We’ve explored dance modalities such as Contact Improv, Tango, Blues Fusion, West African Dance, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, and creative expression.

Our purpose is to explore the many aspects or “bodies” that each individual participates in and to fully integrate and EMBODY the soul. We are here to collectively experience freedom through our bodies, including nature (such as a body of water).


About Krista:

Krista Hagman is an embodiment ambassador, fascia-fanatic, body-worker, and is ERYT-500. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Social Sciences and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. Her travels around the world inspire integration of ancient and modern wisdom into her teachings. Her mission is to free the Soul through the body, her offerings emphasize fluidity of movement, self-massage, and reverence for nature. She believes the human experience is meant to be creative, expressive, wild, and playful. Her greatest joy is in the sweet silence of the soul, which she finds in nature, in movement, and in the eyes of others.