KristaLove Louise~

KristaLove is a yoga ambassador and affection & consent advocate. The practice on her mat supports her ability to be present, compassionate and playful in life. As a writer, performance artist, workshop and retreat facilitator, and teacher trainer she incorporates intimacy, consent, connection and earth-conscious living into her offerings. She travels with her partner James, and their dog Stitch, living HomeFree, connecting with communities through yoga, festival production, and collaborative projects. Her background in communication studies and a graduate degree in Applied Anthropology inform her ability to assist self-healing through creative-authentic-expression, intuitive embodiment, and consensual living. KristaLove is inspired when she’s exploring nature’s wonder, conversing about the bizarre beauty of the human existence, expressing freedom on the dance floor, riding her bike, singing and playing music, and cooking and sharing wholesome food.

Free-form, spontaneous play