Krista Louise began practicing yoga asanas in 2007. As a trained dancer since age three, she has been actively exploring her body and its movements for nearly her entire life. Conscious breathing, the physical challenge, and energetic subtleties inspire her to study and share the transformational power of yoga and dance. As an Affection Advocate, Krista incorporates healing touch as a major component in her classes and workshops.

Krista is an embodiment ambassador, body literacy teacher, writer, performance artist and facilitator whose offerings focus on empowerment through creative-expression and embodying nature’s elements. She writes about intimacy, relationships, and spiritual musings, and captures the journey of learning, loving and growing through humility, community, and connection to body and nature. Krista loves exploring nature’s beauty, expressing freedom on the dance floor, collaborating with inspired creators, awakening her Spirit on her mat, riding her bike, and cooking wholesome food to share.


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