Nature Experiment Week 1

Reflection from Week One (Dec. 2-Dec 10th)

I am wrapping up week one of my Nature Experiment.

Leaving Big Caliente Hot Springs, Santa Barbara, CA

Discoveries thus far: Even 5 minutes of stillness, without multi-tasking or interacting with another, no matter where I am (a small grassy patch, next to a tree, a hill top, under the night sky or early morning sun) feels more connected than an hour + of “activity” outside where my attention is “scattered”. I feel the most connected to the Earth when I am in physical contact with her (nothing between me and her).

Communion with nature is most potent when it is a solo endeavor.

When I sit directly on the ground, I feel peaceful; I don’t need to be “doing” anything. Simply being, breathing and feeling the earth beneath me is incredibly calming and rejuvenating.

Hopefully this isn’t TMI: I started my moon 3 days into this month experiment, it is great timing to also give extra attention to my energy cycle with regards to my hormones as well as my intentional connection to nature. I feel more introverted and solitary during my bleed time, and the 2 or 3 days leading up to it. I worked hard 2 days in a row (days 2 and 3 of my cycle), and happily on day 4 I had a very restful day soaking solo at hot springs, reading in the afternoon sun and taking an afternoon nap. I felt hugely rejuvenated after the day of solo time and rest. I experienced the importance of resting more during the beginning of my cycle, for if I don’t recharge then, I will be running on “reserves” or “fumes” for much of the rest of the month, which leads to irritability, confusion and misdirected frustration and lack of motivation. LADIES: Please allow yourself to move with the eb and flow of energy of our natural rhythm. Rest more during the 5+ days of the beginning of your cycle. EVERYONE ELSE: Honor the importance of the moon time, ask less of the woman bleeding, give her time and space to commune with herself and the power of flowing blood. Trust that resting during this time means we are charged up and ready to share, communicate, give and celebrate during the other phases of the cycle.

I also notice that a day I work on the computer, which ends up usually being about 5 or 6 hours straight, eats up my day. I go longer periods of time without breaks, I don’t drink as much water, I don’t eat when I’m ready. Because of the lifestyle I live, I go to coffee shops or libraries and typically feel on “a roll” when working on the computer, it can be hard to break that by going back to the camper to make food. I’m not inspired to take a big break and then return to the computer. Having a team mate like James, where one of us can make food while the other continues to work, helps maintain the stride, or flow, that we can find when completing tasks on the computer. I’m also immensely grateful for the ways I can have income while being nomadic. And I love libraries!

Questions I am posing for myself: How do I make more time for art (particularly drawing)? How can I be even more effective/efficient on the computer to ensure I have time and energy for my personal projects, and not just work?

Blocks I see: Self-sabotage has so many ways it shows up. My story (otherwise known as attachments or expectations) sabotages the beauty of my experience so it can have something to show me is “not good enough”, something to complain about. It takes extra motivation to get out of bed for solo time in the morning when two of my favorite cuddle buddies are there with me. As I shared this with James he said, it sounds like listening to intuition is very important. Is today a day to get up and go for a nice long walk alone, or is it a day to cuddle a little longer and enjoy the coziness of my bed, partner and puppy?

I see how being self employed is a huge blessing and comes with it’s own set of challenges. I need to make my own schedule and stick to it, or the openness of my days can be eaten up by ineffective work time, which leads to shorter amounts of play, nature or creative time.

JUST DO IT! I see where my mind tries to trick me into spoiling away my days and I’ve had enough. I am the creator of my reality, and I’m dancing joyously with the palate of existence at my fingertips to create a magical, dream life.

I am GRATEFUL.  -December 10th, 2017

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