Birthday Experiment: Re-Connect with Nature

Tomorrow, December 2nd, is my 28th birthday.

[New-age, astrological info: around the 28th year, we enter what is called the Saturn Return. It takes Saturn about 28-29 years to return to where it was in the sky when we were born. Saturday is the planet of the teacher and instigator of change. It is said that when we enter Saturn Return (every 28 years, so 28, 56, 84 etc.) we are called back to who we are, the True Self. If there are pieces of life that are not aligned, we’ll be rattled to that awareness with Saturn’s Return.]

So much has happened in the last year… James, Stitch and I moved in together and created HomeFreeYogis, living “homefree” for 10 months. We bought a camper and a new truck to support our adventures and offerings. We created Connect: Yin Yoga Massage and have shared it at numerous venues and events, and are excited to continue. We co-facilitate Yin Yoga Teacher Training weekends; an honor and incredible joy teaching others the in’s and outs of the deep and profound yin yoga practice.

I started writing this regular blog, reminding me of my love of writing; I’m excited to expand topics, techniques, and skills to articulate thoughts and feelings into receivable words and concepts. I’ve been involved in planning and organizing Transformational Festivals that I love and value. I’ve met more new people than I could image in one year, and am blessed to call so many of them Tribe. I took huge steps in to the world of Consent, becoming facilitator and educator on the topic, as well as stepping up my role in facilitating women’s workshops and retreats. I am incredibly blessed, and giddy to see the next year unfold!

I’ve shed some layers and learned (still learning) to expect less and appreciate more. I’ve recognized how beautiful surrender feels, and the uncomfortable jostling of clinginess. I’ve learned there are many different ways love shows up, and I celebrate them all!

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.34.35 PM.png

I have felt the rumbling of growth for the past many months, as the next cycle approaches. I embrace the new chapter of my life, standing firmly on the Earth: my Home.

I’ve decided to give myself a beautiful challenge on my 28th celebration, Nature Experiment: Get Connected. Starting December 2nd, for one month (ending January 2nd), I will take extra time (5 minutes up to 1 hour, or more) every day to connect with nature/the Earth and her cycles. Ideas to Connect:

  • Standing barefoot on the ground
  • Sitting quietly with a tree
  • Taking a silent, slow walk in the woods, near the ocean or a river
  • Star, sun and/or moon gazing
  • Reading, writing, singing, drawing or dancing about nature, the earth, and the cosmos
  • Try new recipes with local and seasonal foods
  • Increase the use of my Jade Egg (yoni stone)
  • Do yoga outside
  • Go for more bike rides and roller blade adventures
  • Play in more public parks!
  • Witness sunrise & sunset multiple times a week
  • Get Connected in unexpected places, nature is everywhere! Listen to the wind, the birds, and other creatures

I will record my findings daily by journaling about my mood, energy level, what I eat, the time I get up and go to sleep, and personal blocks and breakthroughs; track my hormone cycle (using FAM), and other relevant information. Essentially, I am my own science experiment; intentionally increasing the time and energy put into connecting with the rhythm of nature to see what the results are.

My hypotheses:

  • I will feel calmer and at ease
  • I will have more energy and sleep better
  • I will feel more inspired, creative, intuitive and appreciative
  • I will struggle at times with mental blocks about “having enough time”
  • I anticipate new ideas for projects and ways to support and be of service
  • My body will feel stronger, more open and flexible
  • My heart will be more receptive
  • I will learn and grow (that’s a given)

I am inspired to experiment and see how my experience of life is influenced by my connection to the natural world. I recognize we are never “disconnected” from it, we are either closer to or farther away from Source-never without.

If you are inspired to reconnect to this beautiful, abundant planet we live on and watch how, perhaps, your experience of the world changes too, consider yourself invited to Get Connected!

I will post regular discoveries on KristaLove: Affection & Consent Advocate and HomeFreeYogis FB pages. Feel free to share your insights too! And a very, merry Un-Birthday to you!

Nature Experiment1.jpg



2 thoughts on “Birthday Experiment: Re-Connect with Nature

  1. I will join you in this month of reconnecting with Mother Earth. Remembering to breathe is my constant companion. Happy Birthday my lovely daughter!


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