Embrace the Intuitive Beloved – 8/19/16

I am in awe, overwhelmed, blessed, and joyful for the last few weeks of my life. I last wrote about finding routine and rhythm to support self-care. I have not had routine, and I’m swaying to the rhythm the journey.

James and I were at Beloved Festival last weekend; it’s a special event for us. Beloved was my first ever festival experience back in 2012, and this is the 5th year I’ve attended. This was James’ 3rd time teaching at Beloved. We met there last year (check out a bit about the story in the first blog post), it’s wild that it has been one year since we met! It was our Beloved-versary and I can’t imagine a better place to be to celebrate one year of learning and loving with my sweet partner.

We were blessed to enjoy a bit of the Oregon coast on our way, making dinner while watching the sunset over the Pacific, and enjoying the cool, damp air of the summer in the Pacific North West. Walking on-site was like a dream, being amongst the great trees dressed in moss and lichens and ferns reaching up to greet you; it’s a lovely oasis to rest and reflect on all that has occurred over the past year.

This Beloved was incredibly special, we taught Connect: Partner Yin Yoga massage to a class of over 250 people at the YogiTunes Yoga Pavillon. We were paired with East Forest, an incredible musician whose bio-feedback like technology mimicked the love of the environment, amplifying the potency of the experience. The magic that showed up in the collective was tangible in the air. It felt as though time was standing still, I thought our class was hours long, and we ended almost exactly on time. I felt a fold in the Universe of Time and Space, like a wormhole. I was experiencing the Universe experiencing Itself, and there I was, right in the middle of it demonstrating and cueing folks through swan pose. What a trip! Sunday afternoon we closed out the yoga program with a solo yin class.

I attended a fantastic workshop called Embodied Consent with Carey French, we discussed the invisible power that shows up in our world–age, gender, ethnicity, authority, knowledge, physical size–all these factors can influence the power differential between people (or beings). That experience coupled with the partner class left me pondering the power of creating space. I am blessed with the gift and the calling to be a space holder, I use this gift through facilitation of yoga ceremony, community discussions and one-on-one healing. In moments when I “have the power” in a situation my ability to create space for the other brings us to harmony or equality. Examples of this can be creating physical space, and not being over baring; asking someone what they think of a scenario or the topic and if they have questions for clarification. Empathy creates equality. We need to take our powers and apply them to the greater good, because, like the old saying goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest member. In powerful times like these we need all the collective strength we can muster.

For me, gatherings like Beloved are a glimpse into the potential of what we can create together; incredible nature, beautiful-bright-eyed people, nourishing food, incredible art & creativity, outstanding soul-moving music. The love and compassion present in the collective creates a ripple that moves out into the world. I firmly believe gatherings to celebrate, honor, mourn, and be together as Who We Are change the world.

Times to be together with my tribe are priceless, and I’m inspired by how activated the people that surround me are. We are walking the new paradigm, and each of us has a gift that is crucial to the healing and growth of the collective.

In what ways can you practice creating equality in space? We have the responsibility to listen to our Intuition. I believe in non-duality, and in a world where there is no “one right way” Intuition guides us to what our individual “right” way is. Being open to the signs and guides of the Universe supports the journey of Intuitive Living. I encourage you to become quiet and still on a regular basis, to take a moment to Listen and allow yourself to be Guided. Let the mind melt away and let your Heart lead.


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Intuitive Beloved – 8/19/16

  1. Wow, your words made me feel like a was with you at Beloved. And I love empathy equals equality. I will begin this practice today, right now!


  2. Attending the Sunday afternoon yin class was a wonderful way for me to wrap up all the amazing events of Beloved. Thank you.


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