Mirror Mirror: Reveal the Real

I missed writing for my last deadline, hopping between working a mother/daughter retreat with Body Basics and Beyond, going to Wanderlust~ Squaw Valley to immerse myself in 4 days of yoga and beautiful mountains, and traversing the state of California to Enchanted Forest Gathering in Mendocino where James & I curated and ran the yoga program, with the support of an amazing team!

So much has happened in the last several weeks. I left my community and comforts of Ashland after visiting for a month; I saw the craziness of the commodification of spirituality at a yoga festival, while also learning from amazing teachers; and I experienced the bright eyes, open hearts and hard working souls of beautiful humans at a transformational festival. I landed in California to the gift of a new home for James, Stitch and I. James worked hard the whole month I was gone getting us a bigger truck with a cabover camper on top. We now have a bedroom, kitchen, dinning room and bathroom all in one little camper. It’s sweet and cozy, and the small space inspires me to downsize  my possessions yet again!


A lesson I continue to learn over and over through this movement lifestyle and the power of relationship is finding my center. I can be easily swayed, and I can also be the captain of my own ship. How do we balance the two sides of the spectrum? Where is the point of standing in one’s Truth, while being considerate of others, and inviting them to join on the journey, when it’s appropriate?

Festivals can be an incredible place to meet new people who are radiant and glowing in their talents and skills. At times I can feel small in these bright environments, so many beautiful, inspiring people swirling around me. This weekend I choose to be tall, to connect with and smile at the people I met. I overheard one of the yoga teachers say we have to be the vibration of what we want to have in our lives. If I want people to smile at me, I need to smile at them. If I want people to listen to me, I need to listen to them, if I want people to be affection with me, I need to be affection with them. It starts with the individual, and when we all do our part, the world starts to shift and change. What we radiate out to the world is what comes back. What do your mirrors reveal to you?

I’ve learned a lot about the dance of Yin & Yang over the last month, from seeing relationship dynamics between children and their parents; to learning about the nervous system, neuroplasticity and the body; to seeing the flow of energy in the highly creative, expressive and subtle magic of festivals.

I created this chart to demonstrate a few examples of how Yin and Yang shows up in life. Check it out and consider the dance you go through daily, moving from yin to yang and back again, cycling over and over. How do you find balance? Where can you put a little more energy to create your ideal balance, what needs less attention and more trust to flow ease-fully?

I’m also learning what I need to be nourished and what another needs to be nourished will look different, what’s important is that we allow the nourishment to take place in it’s own time, and celebrate when we come back to connection. One thing I know we all need is rest, conscious rest is a time when the body repairs itself. Do yourself a favor and slow down, take a few breathes and just Be.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.14.11 PM

What is in the way of the mirrors reflecting clearly to you? Perhaps your own story, ideas of identity and internal blocks are hindering a true expression of the Divine reflecting back to you. Be still and allow Truth to reveal Itself, and then celebrate it like crazy!

2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror: Reveal the Real

  1. Your chart illustrates that I tend toward Yang. I love your advice to mirror the world you want. Smile, be loving, be kind, be open, this will be my new mantra. ❤️


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