On the Other Side:there is no Light without Dark 6/14/16

I am in awe of the response from my last post, I was truly feeling in the muck of life (or death), scraping the bottom of the barrel. Simultaneously I watched life support me while feeling empty. After leaving L.A. and helping dear friends move in Oceanside, CA, we made our way to Mammoth Lakes, CA, a tiny piece of Heaven on Earth. We camped for 6 days and spent much of the time resting at our camp; I did lots of reading, writing and singing (a practice of connecting with Spirit few know I deeply enjoy). I wondered around the forest near the campground, sitting by fresh-flowing streams and emerging my un-clothed body multiple times a day.

We went from doing-doing-doing for months, to a dead stop. I learned there is benefit to easing in, either to rest, or to work. Slamming on the brakes works about as well as going from zero to full speed as fast as possible, which can lead to anxiety and uncertainty. I am grateful to have spent time alone in the woods, a place I feel deeply connected and able to rejuvenate. On our last day in Mammoth Lakes we went to Horseshoe Lake, a snow melt lake that had all seasons represented. We spent the whole day slowly walking around the tiny lake, spending an hour or so here or there simply resting and watching the sky change over head. We played in the snow on one side of the lake, and rested on the beach in swim suits on the other. I adore the mountains, and the journey water takes to create the landscape.

After a restful and restoring time exploring the beauty of the high sierras, we traveled to Ecstatic Now Festival , an intimate gathering of less than 300 people, whose intention it is to create connection in a substance free environment. We were blessed to arrive 2 days early to help set up for the event, and get to the know the crew well during the co-creative collaboration. I experienced so much love and respect at the event, and Bright Eyed humans truly showing up as themselves to celebrate life and their love for each other. Many of the workshops focused on intimacy, connection, consensual-healing touch and soul play. We shared Connect: Partner Yin Yoga Massage, and I am filled with gratitude for how many folks approached us afterwards and throughout the weekend to give deep thanks for the container and the opportunity to share touch, breath and healing with one another.

A main lesson I learned from Ecstatic: When we are safe, anything is possible. In the containers of safety I connected deeply, through touch and breath, I cuddled with “strangers”/people I had no idea about “who they are,” and no concept of their “life story”. I practiced connecting on a Soul level, beyond personality or story. I strive to connect this way in all life.

We also attended two workshops by Jonathan Robinson, a delightful spiritual teacher and author with practical skills to find joy and improve communication. I was reminded that our True Nature is Peace, Love and Joy. Part of the journey of life is “negative” emotions arising, and having practices to feel them and then shake them off, allowing us come back to Love and Joy. He said spirituality is not about Love, it is about letting go of the inevitable negatives, to come back to our True Nature. It reminds me why I adore the Yin Yoga practice so much; because letting go brings us back to our Divine Perfection. Doing more doesn’t get us there, releasing that which does not serve will bring us back.

I’m forever changed by the Love of that community, and a knowing to co-create with these outstanding humans again! Tomorrow, I leave California to return to Ashland for a month of rest and connection with my community there. Since James and I met we have not spent a month apart. I trust and honor the space, to allow us to concentrate on personal projects, and the opportunity to miss each other. I am deeply grateful for the Truth in which he walks his path, and I am blessed to walk, hand-in-hand, supporting myself, while witnessing his Freedom come alive and be expressed.

Gratitude abounds ∞♥

2 thoughts on “On the Other Side:there is no Light without Dark 6/14/16

  1. I delight in reading your blog and exclaim Krista’s return from the dark. When you were young, you loved to sing. Finding your voice is glorious. Your blogs keep me connected to you across the miles that separate us.

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