What about the Dark Side? 5/28/16


I’m exhausted, and in no way do I feel like I can pull the “so grateful for the lessons” card. Life is fucking hard sometimes. Truth.

Recently I’m asking the question: Where is God? Even though I have all my basic necessities met, which is more than most of the population of this planet can say, I feel like I’m being dragged through the rubble, muck and debris of a soul being torn to pieces. My only hope is there is a re-assemble phase somewhere in the (near) future.

And right now, I’m not even sure who will read this raw and un-optimistic spilling of my heart and soul. I’m not even sure how many people have read the posts I’ve written over the last several months. I know some of my closest friends don’t even read them, and sometimes I bet my mom is even to busy.

I’m tired of technology taking over our lives. Put away your damn phone while I’m gushing my heart to you. Stop pretending you can really listen, and check your email or facebook feed at the same time.  Not only did I “release” old, non-authentic parts of my self…I ripped their controlling, clingy paws off of my True me and threw them to the floor, hoping they smash into infinite little pieces that can never crawl back together and try to attach to my True me. I can’t live any other way.

As someone who had a large capacity to “look on the bright side” I’m now in the underbelly. What about the Dark Side? It has its place just as much as the bright and shiny does. The grit of reality, over time, slowly chips away at our ideas of ourselves, until what is left is no idea at all, simply Being.

I struggle with the “Spiritual Community” particularly as I visit yoga studios decked out in mass produced furniture that has no “high vibe” feeling to it at all. I’m deeply saddened by the popularity that can come into the yoga world; where the studio is a place to “see and be seen” and not in the sense that my True Self can walk in swollen eyed and all from crying more tears than I thought my little eyes could hold, and fall onto my mat in a place of protection. Some of these spiritual places become a place to show off the coolest new clothes or your perfect hair-do. I want people to walk in wearing the things they only wear at home, make-up be gone, stained shirts and ripped sweats and get on the damn mat and let all your shit fall away as you breathe and move.

Yoga is not about me. Yoga is about releasing the idea of Me, and stepping into the part of me that will never die, to connect with the part of you that will never die. That is where Connection lives, outside of personality and story and always-smiles. Connection is the raw and real. The place of true empathy, where I feel your pain so deeply that it becomes my own, and I can mourn your loss and sorrow with you.

I’m tired of words not being enough to express my feelings, and they are the only “acceptable” way to share Truth. Fuck language and explanation! I want to roar out my anger and sadness, and be witnessed for that truth. It’s not scary. Being un-authentic is fucking scary, because it’s not real. Roar with me in your anguish and sorrow. It’s as beautiful as the moments of joy and celebration. The underbelly reminds me there is no escape. It is all life, and I refuse to put on a happy face and stride through, when sometimes I can barely lift my feet to walk. One. Step. At. A. Time.

The Darkness reminds me that it is All Love. And love isn’t flowers and kisses and happy feelings. Love is all the parts between grief and pain, and joy and face-numbing happiness. Loving what is means being in the pain and letting it crack you open, one breath at a time; and celebrating the moments of happiness.

I can choose Love. And sometimes it won’t be what society tells me is “love.” Love can be crying near the ocean and remembering my tears are made of the same thing as its vastness. Love is forgiving humans for being human, because I’m a human too.

If anyone reads this, I hope you remember to be gracious while in your rage, disappointment and emptiness. The Container is love, not what is inside the container. Empty or full, it’s all life. And like the tide, it fills and empties. And Life goes on.

12 thoughts on “What about the Dark Side? 5/28/16

  1. I read your posts each and some multiple times. They connect me to you across the country. Life has a dark side, just look at our presidential campaigns. Your blog speaks the truth about much that is dark in our culture. Love shines a light on the darkness. Mama

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  2. Thank you Krista for sharing. The depth and authenticity is inspiring. This is a rich conversation of what it is to be a yogi and being real to everything without filtering our darkness. When we, as teachers can be vulnerable and authentic, we bring courage to ourselves and our community.
    We are whole, even when we feel like shit

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  3. You beautiful creature you….I think about you often and as I shared during the yin-tensive training “you are so incredibly beautiful and admirable, I’m fascinated by you” . Even in darkness the light manages to find it way though the smallest crack. It takes light years for us to see the light from the heavens but we see it, it finds us. You will continue to be in my thoughts, I love you sister.

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  4. Love you Krista. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have spent a lot of time “on the dark side,” raging, crying and feeling hopeless. I agree with you about the yoga studios- it’s so disheartening to see the commodification of yoga. I have been thinking about you a lot, and how you inspire me to seek more yin and not to fear my authenticity. We are the realness, unfolding into the unknown each day, and this too is Love. xo

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    1. I adore your quirky realness Erin. you inspire my soft side to meet the rough edges of Nature, and be changed, as the tide slowly smoothes each stone, eventually to become sand. xoxo


  5. I read your blogs too, little one. Life is tough and sad and stinky….sometimes. Sometimes more glorious than you can totally take in. Always, always look for the love ….because it may be hidden and even slimed over, but it is always there! Love you!

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  6. Thanks for authentically representing how life is sometimes. It’s always bothersome to be around imbalance whether a person pretends life is all perfect or all terrible. Life is both and sometimes it’s just exhausting. Authenticity is being able to connect both with the parts of us that are light and dark. Thank you for your work.


  7. Darkness and light… I believe…. to mitigate the darkness, pain or sadness within us we need to respect ourselves and “listen to” what we feel. give ourselves space and time to heal, or regain power in order to speak out, draw a line or make a change. It would be self-abuse to skip the ” time out” time fo heal, and go directly to the” grateful for the lession card”. That is the card you draw when the dark times are well behind you…


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