The Next Chapter: Share your Dreams – 5/2/2016

I am incredibly inspired, and have recently met my edge, and then surpassed it, experiencing the beauty of the natural eb & flow of life. Being on the road like this is a completely new experience for me, and yet, it’s all a part of the ride. I experience moments of pure bliss, not in the sense of profound joy, but rather profound Presence, from which true, inner-joy emerges.

We rounded out our Santa Barbara 2016 experience teaching Connect: Partner Yin Yoga Massage at DiviniTree in S.B. Our friends Melissa and Justice poured cocoa for our small group before we began. Only a few times have I experienced this medicine, and wow–what a blessing it is. I felt my heart open, and a Oneness with the group of sweet humans loving each other through massage and yoga~conscious healing.

I’m excited to share a few photos from the underwater yoga shoot I did while in S.B. It was a physical challenge, and yet the final result is stunning. This is how we could describe life too, eh? Fully experiencing each moment and choosing to surrender all that does not serve is hard work, and on the other side is jaw-dropping gorgeous, because it’s real.

This past weekend we taught a Yin Yoga Weekend Intensive Teacher Training. It was fitting to teach one on our way to S.B. and also at the end of that chapter. In those short 2+ months, I’ve grown, or should I say, shed, so much. To again step into a facilitator role, with a topic I am deeply passionate about, and a yogi and partner I am incredibly inspired by, is truly life’s precious gift. Our group was much smaller than the last training, and still as sweet and abundance with connection, curiosity, inspiration and a feeling of coming Home. Thank you Body Yoga~Roseville for hosting us!


I’m learning to give space to life, to step back and become the observer of this miracle. The more space I give and the more appreciation I have, the more life shows up in it’s true beauty, which ultimately serves my true beauty. It’s part of why I love the yin practice so much, it gives space, creates space, and celebrates space.

We leave tomorrow morning for Austin, TX for a week to visit friends. It feels like a “vacation” from our life, which looks a lot more like a vacation most of the time than the “average” person. I’m looking forward to the joy I experience when exploring a new city, getting out of my comfort zone (which now feels huge compared to a few months ago!), and having a good ol’ time.

I’m really excited to announce all the amazing things that are filling our summer calendar already. James has several workshops and special classes in the Sacramento area in May, I’m grateful to be assisting him and co-facilitating a number of them. I’m really excited for Compassion in Action: Assisting Yin Yoga, an entire day about assisting; and ultimately about the power and importance of healing touch, connection, sharing intimacy and space holding.

We are incredibly blessed to be presenting Connect: Partner Yin Yoga Massage at Ecstatic Festival  in mid-June! It’s a smaller gathering (less than 400 people) than many of the other festivals we have, or will attend (a couple thousand or more). It’s focus is on exposing folks to many different embodiment practices, with an understanding that when we are present in our bodies, we connect on an authentic level. I’m looking forward to the “retreat” like experience, and sharing our gifts with other inspired, creative and activated humans! If you’re interested in join us, be sure to mention mine or James’ name at check out!

ecstatic banner

We are the yoga coordinators for Enchanted Forest Gathering, a music, yoga, flow arts & dance festival in Mendocino, CA in late July. We are working out butts off putting it together (particularly James…thank you for being so dedicated and amazing!). I’m excited to see what unfolds with the connections we are making, and the fun time we’ll have when the event shows up! Use this web link to get a discount on tickets!

I’m steeped in gratitude for how beautiful my life is. I’m living a dream. Thank you all for being a part of it. Stayed too for more adventures from HomeFreeYogis!

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