Kindness Creates CommUnity – 4/15/2016

Once again, my self-imposed deadline of a post every 2 weeks creeps up! Life has unfolded so beautifully over the last two weeks, my heart is singing with the joy of meeting new friends, sharing my gifts, learning about myself, and connecting with others and the craziness of it all.

James and I got back from Lucidity Festival 2016: Crossroads late Tuesday night, we spent 9 days on-site for the event, and a jam-packed 9 days it was! We were incredibly blessed to teach yoga at the Lucid University Course week, 3 days of immersion for students in areas such as Permaculture, Embodiment & Leadership, Reiki, Art & Creativity, and Lucid Dreaming. One morning James taught and I assisted, the second morning I taught and he assisted and the final morning we co-taught. I love the way this incredible teacher and I flow off of each other. A dear friend who attended said our two voices speak as one, and our message weaves beautifully through the classes. It’s a lovely reflection to have!


During course/build week I also helped in the Kitchen, the largest scale food sharing I’ve been apart of; and I helped thatch a palm leaf roof onto tiny tiki style huts. It’s truly a gift to share nourishment with folks who are working hard all day creating, building, problem solving and managing the challenging delights of collaborating with others.

During the festival we co-taught Connect: Partner Yin Yoga Massage to a class of almost 90 students, and I was reminded (again and again!) of how potent a safe container to share touch is, and the subtle yet profound impact healing touch has. James taught an awesome yin class leaving people blissful and gooey, and I am grateful to assist his intelligence and creative truth-sharing.

I received many big lessons moderating a Consent panel with six professionals in the field (Thank you Dr. Rachel Stricker, Ian MacKenzie, Manyrivers, Phillipe Lewis, Muse Magdalene & Gregor Reti!). A main theme that emerged for me from the panel is how much consent shows up in life outside of sex. To me, consent means being considerate of others, and to be considerate is to have an objective reflection of how our actions, thoughts and words influence others. I believe the wounds we have in our personal and cultural stories about sex and sexuality are a symptom of our disconnect from the greater collective, the Tribe or Village, and the joy of our existence as individuals. When researching our talk about the Science of Touch, I remember reading statistics about the correlation between how affectionate a culture is and the level of violence. For example, in Mediterranean cultures, known for a more touchy way of being, there is less violence compared to the United States, where our personal bubble is rather strong and relatively large. I can see the connection, we have this fabulous life-force energy that is made to move, and if it can’t be expressed safely, regularly and joyfully, it can build up and come bursting out.

lucid consent panel

So I’m drawn back to the theme of…how do we live connected lives? How do we create safe places to feel connected, because it involves being vulnerable, something our main-stream culture isn’t really cheering us on to be. I celebrate the reminder that it all starts with the individual, and the way we are ripples out into our communities and the world at large.

While sitting with the lessons and subtle cues from the Universe that I’m on the right path, I also celebrate the immense creativity and dedication that goes into creating such a spectacular and very short term event. This Lucidity was certainly one of the best festivals I have ever attended.

There were many moments that I was laughing so hard my belly hurt, and smiling so big my face felt numb. I was in sheer awe of the creative power of activated, inspired individuals working together to support each other’s dreams, and the commitment to upholding one’s values in the face of a huge endeavor, such as creating a transformational event.

A few words to sum up the last few weeks: Connection and Inspiration. We have just over a week left in Santa Barbara, excited to be teaching Connect: Partner Yin Yoga Massage at DiviniTree Yoga & Arts Studio next Sunday. Then we head North to share more yoga! The greatest gift I could ask for!

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