Seeing Beauty – 4/1/2016

I’m amazed at how much can happen in 2 weeks! In my last post we were preparing to head to Serenity Gathering and Joshua Tree National Park for 8 days of adventure.

I haven’t spent much time in the desert, and I have a new appreciation for its harsh and subtle beauty. There is a “dangerousness”; sharp cacti, poisonous animals and a blazing sun that can burn you out.  James & I had a surprisingly mellow weekend at Serenity (a fitting name for our experience), even though it is a largely electronic music festival. It was held at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, a bizarrely beautiful landscape. The quirky Joshua Trees sprinkle the landscape with dusty mountains rising up in the backdrop. 

We slept more that weekend than on the average weekend. I felt no choice but to rest in the shade during the heat of the day to avoid the intense sun, and although I enjoyed the music, nothing really grabbed my hips the way some music does, so I didn’t stay up all night dancing like often happens at these gatherings. We had a great time with our friend Billy At-ease Bannon, inspiring yogi and musician, elevating our feet (there are so many benefits!), singing mantras and having tons of laughs.

We shared Connect: Partner Yin Yoga Massage to a class of over 30 on Saturday morning. James & I had an awesome time and got great feedback from participants. I really love this offering and am so grateful to continue to share it with others!

After our departure from Serenity we drove down the road to the Air BnB my parents rented and we spent 5 more days in Joshua Tree exploring with my folks. Last time we saw them was in Yosemite, and it has been incredible sharing space with my awesome parents in beautiful National Parks! Stitch had a great time climbing around on the epic rock piles throughout the park. It looks like giants had a handful of pebbles and put them down sporadically on the ground-except the piles are HUGE.

I left the desert feeling refreshed (how ironic) and excited that James & I are the Co-Coordinators for the Yoga Program at Enchanted Forest Gathering, a transformational festival in Mendocino, CA the end of July. I’m so grateful for the Universe providing all these incredible opportunities for us to step into the world of yoga in a big way, to bring other amazing teachers and students together, to share space with others passionate about facilitating and assisting self-healing, and having a good time while we’re at it!

We are now preparing to head on-site for Lucidity Festival: Crossroads, where we will be teaching yoga during the course week, sharing our Connect Partner offering, James is teaching yin and I’ll be assisting his class, and I am moderating a panel on consent with six other sex, relationship and intimacy professionals.

If there’s something I’m experiencing, it’s that life is a trip, and we might as well enjoy the ride.




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