Learning a Life of Balance – 3/16/2016

We are approaching the Spring Equinox, and I am excited for the inspiration and playfulness of spring. It feels apparent to me that we are approaching the time of more light; leaving the darkness of winter and shedding the old layers of what doesn’t serve at this time, a challenging and rewarding lesson I’m learning.

As James and I continue to navigate a non-traditional, nomadic life, and the beauty of an unfolding partnership, I’m reminded time and again of what we all know: The best way to meet life, is to show up in your fullness, stand firm in your Truth, and accept others where they are. Be rooted in yourself and connect with life from that place.

I’ve had an interesting experiencing living in Southern California, a place very different from Ashland, OR, where I spend the last 4 years, and before that Wisconsin, my home state. Times I’ve moved or traveled allow me to ponder the question: Who Am I?

When my environment changes dramatically, what part of me is unwavering and not influenced by the external (relationships, climate, jobs, friends, the “what’s typical around these parts” mind-set)? One thing I’ve noticed is that my sense of self, my Identity is malleable, and always expanding. I’m less “in my element” here than I was for the last several years of my life. And I witness…the more I find my center, the more variety of “elements” I am able to flow with. I meet what is present in front of me from my own unwavering Truth.

  • I wrote this the other morning while reflecting on where my life is:

I will strengthen my heart instead of soften it.

The world can be harsh, encounters with judgment, shame, unconscious behaviors and misunderstandings.

I choose to strengthen my heart in the face of the challenge of life.

I choose a strong and supple heart.

To be Supple: to move easily and gracefully. To be flexible. To be forgiving.

My strong heart supports my purpose in life, my strong heart lets nothing come between me and my happiness.

Its suppleness allows me to connect with others from my internal strength.

I have a strong, supple heart, and I am grateful for it.

We leave Thursday for our first festival of the season, Serenity Gathering, we’ll share Connect~Partner Yin Yoga Massage. I’m deeply inspired by this offering on many levels, the healing power of yoga, the importance of touch and affection and the beauty of soul-connection.

I’m grateful for the lessons in life, and for the mirror James and I hold for each other.

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