A Grand Adventure Begins – 3/1/2016

It’s been a whirlwind of a ride the last few weeks as James and I shared multiple offerings in Ashland before we left (see the last post for more details!), co-taught a Yin Yoga Teacher training near Sacramento, CA and made the drive down to beautiful and sunny Santa Barbara, CA.

For me, this is one of the craziest and most exciting decisions I’ve made~to leave the beautiful bubble of Ashland and venture out into a non-scheduled and largely unknown open freedom I’ve yet to experience.

Our journey started the best way I could ever imagine, sharing a 3-day Yin Yoga Training with over 25 people at BodyYoga-Roseville, CA. I was nervous for the experience, and pretty jacked up from moving and working a full week. Our opening circle brought me right into the sweet presence of the participants involved. The opportunity to share yin in a more detailed and thorough way is something I’ve wanted for a while, and I feel truly blessed that my dearest James and I can share this path together.

I realized in this training that I know a great deal more than I thought about the practice, and my sharing comes from personal experience, much more potent than an intellectual understanding of it. There’s a knowing that comes only from being with the practice and its teachings.  DSC_0018.jpg

Last Monday we loaded up James’s little truck with our stuff and hit the road south. Since arriving in S.B. life has still been busy (is it ever not?!). Lucidity pre-production is still in full swing; the house we’re staying at for now-appropriately named the LucidiHouse-is lively with energy and questions about all the in’s and out’s of putting on a creative, conscious and well-organized event. All the folks here have been extremely welcoming and kind and I’m grateful to expand my community of Soul-Family.

I’ve spent the majority of my time working on my next series of articles for my dear friend Kim about the Magic of Sexual Arousal, in 3 parts: Body. Mind. Energy. As I read and write about arousal-the definition of which is to awaken, excite, stir to action-I’m reminded of the choice of live an awakened life. To live a sensual and sensational life. To look at the world and those we cross paths with as tiny, bright lights glimmering in the midst of the Great Void, the endless Space we all exist within, together.

Yesterday we had our first full day of play, in celebration we claimed it Sunday~Funday. James and I went to yoga at DiviniTree, where we’ll be teaching a partner yin workshop the end of April, and we biked around on awesome bike paths, spent a few hours at the beach where many other families were enjoying a Sunday of Fun as well, cruised through U.C.S.B.’s beautiful campus, and lounged in a park to watch the sun go down and the sky change to hues of orange, red and pink.

I continue to be filled with gratitude for this journey, for life giving me this incredible path that inspires my heart and soul, and allows me to share my gifts and talents with the world.

Stay tuned for more awesome adventures and spiritual musings to come~


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