Love Finds Itself – 2/1/2016

We came together as though a power greater than the two of us had us each in mind.

James taught two Yin Yoga classes at Beloved Festival in August 2015. I attended both classes to share in the experience of Yin Yoga, truly one of my greatest passions. Something about this human called to me, and I followed the Inspiration and desire for Connection.

We emailed briefly after Beloved. I learned James mostly lived in the Sacramento, CA area, while I was firmly rooted in Ashland, OR. He invited me to be his guest at Symbiosis Gathering in September 2015. Before adventuring to a four day festival together as basically total strangers, I asked if he’d like to come visit Ashland and spend a weekend with me. The few phone conversations we had leading up to his visit were filled with sparks of chemistry, laughter, lightness and potent connection.

It was the full moon at the end of August. I held no expectations, having mutually ended a lovely romantic relationship a month or so before. At the very least, I’d meet a new friend and someone else passionate about yoga.

….And the very most, I’d fall deeply in love with a grounded and centered man whose passion ignites my own, and whose purity and Intensity of love wraps my heart up in sweetness, from which I shine more fully in my own Being.

Our “First Date” (i.e. his visit to Ashland) lasted eight blissful days, during which we practiced yoga together, shared delicious end of summer food from the garden, talked in depth about lessons we’re learning about ourselves, and laughed with an ease I have found few and far between with other humans.

I chose to love this person from the beginning. Choosing Unconditional Love has been one of the most profound steps I’ve taken on my personal path. Words cannot grasp my gratitude for our meeting and the journey of our intertwining, choosing to be together because we both know there is more we can accomplish together than alone.

James shared his commitment and joy in our connection publicly, the eloquence of his words move my heart, and from the FaceBook community response, moved others as well.

(Written by James, and shared on Facebook on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015)

Dear Universe,

I am immensely grateful that you brought Krista Love into my life and me into hers at Beloved Festival 2015.

She is the loveliest, most gracious, considerate, strong, compassionate, kind and fearless woman I have ever known. I am honored to Love her and to have her Love. I am grateful that our Love flows freely, that it uplifts our Spirit and that we are committed to coming back to a place of connection. My desire is to always speak and treat her with respect as the Goddess she is, and to Love her temple, mind and heart in a way that facilitates healing, growth and authenticity. I wish to continually remember this relationship as spiritual practice where Love is the bottom line and everything else builds on that foundation.


I was completely swooned, although I was already swooning, pulsing with a Trueness in Love I have yet to experience.

James and I at Yosemite National Park on our “fourth date” Oct. 2015

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